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Jesus loves us very much. He gives us everything we have. We have been blessed with plenty of food, clothing, toys, nice homes and the gift of heaven. What can we do for Jesus? Jesus said, if we give food to the hungry, it is the same as giving food to Him. We want to do our best to show Jesus how much we love Him. When you give your gift to Lutheran Border Concerns Ministry, we are able to feed the hungry. Best of all we also teach the people the Good News about Jesus. The people are thankful, Jesus is happy and you will be happy too!

LBCM isnít on the budget of any denomination, synod or district. We are able to function only because God works through the generosity of individuals, groups and congregations. All donations are tax deductible.


What do you do if you are a Christian who has more than enough to take care of yourself and notice that you have neighbors who are hungry and need clothing? If you were a Lutheran in San Diego in the 1950ís you got together with others, bought beans and rice and began sharing this food with the poorest of the poor in Tijuana, Mexico. And before long, you began to share the Lord Jesus with the people you were feeding. God blessed the efforts of these Lutherans and the work grew so that in 1967, they incorporated and LBCM was born. LBCM continues to carry out this mission.