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The activities of LBCM continue to evolve - in the decade of 2000 home building, church growth, and scholarship programs have replaced the mostly food distribution of the 1990's and prior.

Below are Images of Ministry from the archives of the 1990's.

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lbcmtruck1.jpg (165875 bytes)                 lbcmquilt.jpg (209520 bytes)                 lbcmtruck2SA.jpg (235887 bytes)
lbcmlegna.jpg (160471 bytes)                 lbcmpouch.jpg (149207 bytes)                 lbcm2ladies.jpg (211612 bytes)
lbcmhslntroof.jpg (247879 bytes)                 lbcmkinde.jpg (130455 bytes)                 lbcmkindefin.jpg (210533 bytes) 
lbcmpstroutsd.jpg (214326 bytes)                 lbcmcongreg.jpg (186407 bytes)                 lbcmredent.jpg (187169 bytes)
lbcmsanluis.jpg (201423 bytes)                 lbcmcongreg2.jpg (196999 bytes)                 lbcmsunsch.jpg (164476 bytes)
lbcmschold.jpg (200129 bytes)   lbcmschwall.jpg (217943 bytes)  lbcmschraft.jpg (164738 bytes)   lbcmschfin.jpg (190471 bytes)